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Edge Finishes...

There are three finishes available across our range of tree shelves and this guide should help you decide on which one should be best suited for you. When buying items over the internet it can be difficult to be certain about finishes and how things will actually look when you receive them. Variations in surrounding colour schemes and lighting will both affect this in each instance.

We try to make all our website images as accurate as possible but the considerable variations between different devices can change the images you see on screen.

Our segmented tree shelves are all made from solid Oak, there are three different edge options and one standard Oil colour at present.

If you have any queries then please do get in touch.

American Square edge

Selected from American white Oak stock, this finish has minimal character with a straight grain and it is a suitable match to modern oak furniture. Our American oak is QBA grade, which means that you will rarely see knots that are larger than the size of a biro. The boards are cut straight, have a uniform depth along their length and will be planed and sanded square on all sides, with the corners lightly rounded by hand.  

Shelf depths are approximately 170mm deep for the main runs with a slightly reduced depth for the upright/supports.

Waney Edge Oak

Our Waney edged Oak is selected from European oak that has either been sourced from France or Poland. This finish maintains the natural shape to the edge of the board; we remove the bark and sand the board to a smooth finish. Waney edges are different with every piece of wood. Some boards might be quite straight without much character and others may contain more character and quirks, the shape of the waney edge is more evident the longer the lengths are.

As they are not straight , waney edge boards are measured as an average along their length. This means that some portions of the shelves might come out undersized and some over. We make Waney edge tree shelves at the depth specified plus the wane, which means that they can be anything between 20 – 50 mm variation in depth along the length.

We try to source the most characterful boards that we can for this finish, they may include large-holed knots and splits (which we deem to be stable).

Shelf depths vary considerably due to the nature of the boards used but the main lengths are approximately 170 – 210mm deep on average

Bark Edge

Specially selected from pieces of European Oak that has been sourced from France and Poland. The ultimate statement of rustic and wild finishes and perfect for a tree shelf. This finish retains the real bark edge of the board and we select only the most solid, minimally touched bark pieces for this finish, an incredibly delicate process.

As this is not a manufactured edge it can be fragile; the bark on these boards has already gone through the felling, transporting, sawing and kiln drying process, making it extremely difficult to source. It cannot be easily worked or repaired, so we are very careful to take our time when working with it.

Please note that there will be inconsistences along the bark edge due to natural variation and the processes involved with felling and processing. We make bark edge shelves at the depth specified plus the bark, so as with the waney edge finish there can be a depth variation of between 20 – 50mm in places.

We try to source boards that have the most character for these trees. The may include large-holed knots, splits (which we deem to be stable) and of course real bark!  

Shelf depths vary considerably due to the nature of the boards used but the main lengths are approximately 170  – 210mm deep on average.